The Good Captain is a sci-fi adaptation of the Herman Melville novella Benito Cereno, and one of the earliest experiments in using Twitter as a storytelling medium.

Melville’s original story relies upon the main character’s first-person perceptions of the events that unfold in front of him. This reliance on P.O.V. is why I chose to distribute the story using Twitter - it forces the reader to adopt the narrator's frame of reference.

The Good Captain began its initial broadcast over Twitter on November 3, 2007 and concluded on February 29, 2008.

There are several ways to read The Good Captain. The whole story runs on an automated loop at @goodcaptain. There is a Kindle version, and a free PDF version.

The Good Captain was featured at the 2008 Electronic Literature Organization Conference in Vancouver, Washington.

I ♥ E-Poetry: The Good Captain