Jay Bushman is an award-winning writer, content strategist, and producer of digital media and transmedia entertainment, with a track record of excellence working with the largest brands and studios to the smallest indie creators.

Jay has worked as a consultant, creative lead, content strategist and copywriter for large companies like HBO, Paramount Studios, and Lucasfilm, and agencies such as CampfireNYC and Ignition Interactive.

An innovator and leader in the transmedia community, he pushes the boundaries of independent next-generation entertainment. One publication even named him “The Epic Poet of Twitter.”

Jay was the Transmedia Producer and a writer for the groundbreaking multiplatform web series The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. An innovative video and social media modernization of “Pride & Prejudice,” the show brought transmedia storytelling to a mass audience and became the first YouTube distributed series to win a Primetime Emmy Award - for Outstanding Achievement in Original Interactive Content. He was also the co-creator and co-showrunner of the sequel interactive series, Welcome To Sanditon.

Previously, Jay worked as a writer/producer at the groundbreaking entertainment company Fourth Wall Studios, where he created content for their cutting-edge Rides.tv interactive platform. While at Fourth Wall, Jay helped to create the series Dirty Work, winner of the 2012 Emmy for Outstanding Creative Achievement in Original Interactive Programming. He also created and wrote the show Airship Dracula, an animated steampunk reimagining of the classic Stoker novel.

Jay is the co-founder and a leader of Transmedia Los Angeles, one of the world's largest and most active professional transmedia associations.

Jay is available for hire as a writer, strategist, consultant or media troublemaker. Contact him here if you’d like to hire him for your project. And really, why wouldn’t you?